2.1 Deploy Volume Gateway

Check the VPC ID of the EC2 Initiator Instance

  1. From the AWS console, click Services and select EC2.
  2. Select Instances from the menu on the left.
  3. Click on the EC2 Initiator Instance.
  4. In the bottom panel scroll down till you see the VPC ID eg vpc-0502a5de98d3435ad and note this down.

Deploy Volume Gateway

  1. From the AWS console, click Services, under Storage select Storage Gateway.
  2. If you are new to Storage Gateway, a new page will appear: click Get Started. If you have used the service before, click Create Gateway.
  3. Select Volume Gateway -> Cached Volumes and click next.

  1. Under Select host platform choose Amazon EC2 and then Launch Instance.

  1. A new tab will open. Select the instance m5n.xlarge type and then click Next: Configure Instance Details.

  1. Under Network select the VPC you noted down in the previous section it should be the non-default VPC and then click Next: Add Storage

  1. Click Add New Volume twice and enter the following details for each new disk:
  • Volume Type EBS
  • Size 200GiB
  • Volume type Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1)
  • IOPS 10000
  • Delete on Termination ticked

You should now have a total of 3 volumes.

  1. Click Next: Add Tags.
  2. Add tags as needed.
  3. Click Next: Configure Security Group.
  4. Choose Select an Existing Security Group and choose StorageGatewaySecurityGroup.

  1. Click Review and Launch.
  2. A warning may pop up around port 22 not being open click Continue.
  3. Click Launch.
  4. Choose Proceed without a key pair and check the box (I acknowledge that I will not be able to connect to this instance unless I already know the password built into this AMI.), and then click Launch Instances.

  1. Click View Instances.
  2. Click on the Volume Gateway instance note the IPv4 Public IP address in the bottom panel.
  3. Wait for the Status check to go to a green tick (3-5 mins) and then close the tab to return to the Storage Gateway wizard tab in step 4.
  4. At the Select host platform page, click Next.

  1. Choose Public Endpoint Type and click Next.

  1. Enter in the IPv4 Public IP address you noted previously from the Volume Gateway instance and click Connect to Gateway.
  2. Enter a gateway name and click Activate Gateway.

  1. Allocate one disk to Upload buffer and one disk to Cache, note these down and click Configure logging

  1. Choose Create a new log group and then click Save and Continue.

  1. You should now be taken to the Storage Gateway console.