2.2 Create an iSCSI Volume

Create a Volume on the Volume Gateway

  1. From the AWS Console, click Services, under Storage select Storage Gateway.
  2. Select Volumes.
  3. Click the Create volume button.

  1. If you have more than one Volume Gateway, be sure to select the correct gateway from the drop down. Enter the following parameters:
  • Gateway: < your storage gateway name>
  • Capacity: 200GB
  • Volume contents: New empty volume
  • iSCSI target name sgw1
  • Click Create volume

  1. Next configure CHAP authentication with the following parameters:
    • Initiator name: “Value from final step of module 1” e.g. iqn.1994-05.com.redhat:7665cb5fc61b
    • Initiator secret: awsreinvent2020
    • Target secret: awsreinforce2020
    • Click Save and then close the window. You can ignore any warnings.

  1. On the left panel click Volumes and the volume should now be listed. Note the Host IP and Target name.