1.1 Deploy CloudFormation Template

Deploy AWS resources

  1. Click one of the launch links in the table below to deploy workshop resources using CloudFormation. To avoid errors during deployment, select a region in which you have previously created AWS resources.
Region Code Region Name Launch
us-west-2 US West (Oregon) Launch in us-west-2
us-east-1 US East (N. Virginia) Launch in us-east-1
eu-west-1 Ireland Launch in eu-west-1
eu-central-1 Frankfurt Launch in eu-central-1
ap-northeast-1 Tokyo Launch in ap-northeast-1
  1. Click Next on the Create Stack page.
  2. Enter a new Stack Name if needed, and click Next.
  3. Click Next again. (skipping the Configure stack options and Advanced options sections)
  4. On the Review page, scroll to the bottom and check the box to acknowledge that CloudFormation will create IAM resources, then click Create stack.

Create CloudFormation Stack

Wait for the CloudFormation stack to reach the CREATE_COMPLETE state before proceeding to the next steps. It should take about 5 minutes for the CloudFormation stack to complete. You can refresh the Events section to see the progress.

NOTE: If a stack fails to deploy because an EC2 Instance type is not available in a particular availability zone, delete the stack and retry in the same region or in a different region.

Stack Outputs

Upon completion, each CloudFormation stack will have a list of Outputs. This will contain the link you can use to connect via SSM Session Manager to the iSCSI EC2 Initiator Instance. You can either copy these values elsewhere or keep the page open in your browser and refer to them as you go through the workshop.